Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stress Reliever

There are lots of things out there to relieve stress. The best is learning to trust God. I get lost into getting things done on my own an awful lot. With our family budget getting into place again I find myself back in the position to pray for my needs to be met. It is always so wonderful to feel so loved when the Sovereign Lord of the Universe obviously cares for me.

He provided a nice couch when I needed one (for $15.00 and it is really nice). Now the bigger kids are going to go camping next week. They had some clothing needs. I had a small amount of cash. I also had some $ on account at the children's consignment store. So I scored! For the grand total of $8.00 cash we got: Three pairs of jeans for my oldest daughter she also got a zip-up camo. sweatshirt, a couple pairs of new jeans for C.J., a pair of really nice almost new camo. pants for our oldest boy, belts for the four oldest kiddos, warm tights and shoes for some smaller girls and three tea lights for birthday decorations. Oh! and a couple of hats for dress up.

Naturally I don't like to be dependent, but when I go to the Lord I am always so blessed. You would think I would learn. I am definately a work in progress. I want to be content to dwell in the Lord's presence whether I am in need or in plenty.


Michele said...

What a great reminder. Thanks! :)


Sharon said...

Oh Kendra, I can really relate to what you are saying. It is always more blessed to wait upon the Lord . . . so why does it take such drastic measures to get me there, still after all these years. Sometimes I just don't think I will ever get it. Then something happens and I have no choice and all of a sudden (for about a moment) I do get it and everything goes wonderful cause I have let go and allowed Him to really reign . . . then I am back to struggling again. I am sure glad for our Father's longsuffering unconditional love :)
Those are some mighty great deals :) Are ya going to skip on down to Packwood this week-end?

Heath Clan said...

I love garage saling, but I am also struggling to put some perspective and peace in my life. I don't think Packwood is conducive to serenity on Labor Day Weekend!

Sharon said...

You are soooo right about Packwood . . . that is a very good call :)
I will be praying for you :)