Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Children of Caesar

Preach it brother! I have long respected this man.

I have to add about socialization. When people ask about socialization I just ask, "Have you met my children?" Take last night for instance. I took #1 daughter out for dinner and discipleship (translated that means tacos at the local diner and doing her About Me Journal, she's only six). She talked and waved to all the patrons. One woman had a small child. My daughter engaged in conversation with both. The waitress was so impressed when my daughter said, "Yes, ma'am." Another woman walked in with a sour expression on her face. It might have been a long day for her. My daughter waved and said, "HI!" The woman's face brightened. Maybe that was the first kind word she had all day. The cook came out to serve some food. He had no hair and a beard and a tattoo. My daughter engaged him in a little- Hi-how-are-ya conversation. He went back to the kitchen with a smile on his face. Now we have specific rules on talking to strangers. We are not stupid when it comes to pedophiles and the like. Our children are instructed to only speak to strangers when mom or dad is with them. A stranger is anyone that mom and dad do not know their first and last name. If a stranger approaches them in our yard, they are to all get into the house (boys protect girls and the like). They are not drilled to NEVER talk to strangers and left on their own too much. These simple rules allow our children to be social without being in danger. So what about socialization?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this so Val could find it and in turn I could find it. As I said these same words at Val's blog:

I just cannot understand why many or a majority of the homeschoolers do not relate that same principle of their sacred, inherent rights of their children being their own over to other sacred, inherent rights given to us by God and what is happening in our country. I am absolutely baffled … especially by the homeschoolers.

And as far as socialization goes, I was always told in government school that: "We're not here to socialize, we're here to learn." So what does socialization have to do with learning? :-)