Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, okay, okay, we went anyway....

I hadn't planned on going to the Blog Sistas' BBQ. I had many good reasons to not go. It worked out for the children (minus the oldest boy) and I to go. We were all so blessed. It was a great time to pray and sing on our way there. It was a great time while we were there (I mean there was GREAT coffee and chocolate-how could we lose?). It was also a great time with the Lord on the way back.

Our SamBoy defended the known world with a bunch of his buddies. Nothing like boys getting together to defend the cause of justice with weapons:) Our oldest girl helped out in the kitchen and made new friends. The three middle girls got to play with many their own age. Tiny Tim was just plain perfect. We visited and put names to faces. I got second place on the "How Well Do You Know Kim" game. I only placed so highly because I had been talking to her before hand and unknowingly found out some of the answers. If I had been smarter I would have taken a gander at the test and asked her. I think that is called cheating though.


Karen said...

Well, I was going to add that cheaters never prosper, but you didn't win, so I guess honesty didn't pay off for you this time, either!

Thank you so much for coming up. We had a grand time.

Love you,

Michele said...

Aww.. I wish I could have gone!
Maybe we should have another one this summer!
Once Calvin heard about that coffee, he was really wishing he had been there. :)

Michele :)

CunninghamRules!! said...

It was fun meeting you yesterday, your girls were hilarious!! Especially Tabitha "I just love learning to become a grown-up" heheehe bless you!

Karen said...

I'm thinking that we should just do one a couple times a year...it would be fun! Yes?

LindseyinWA said...

It was so good to meet you - I'm trying to get my pictures over to Karen - I only took a few, and they were mostly of my own kids, but maybe I caught some of yours too! Lindsey