Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Ole Daddy Rabbit got us up and running so here are the Fireball's birthday pix!

She wanted "chips" for her third birthday dinner. So we went with nachos. They're chips, right? She got some "clipper-clopper" shoes, which is her name for those plastic dress-up shoes. She also got a toy cell-phone with its own purse. She got a special stuffed bunny with a handmade backpack from Oma. She was thrilled with her gifts. She enjoyed the cake and ice cream, but she was more interested in her toys.

This princess was one of the most easy, memorable births. When we got to our midwife's about 1:00a.m. She was ready to come out. She was born twenty minutes later. Her labor and delivery was relatively easy. She was the only one of my babies that I remember crying for any sustained amount of time. I was kind of worried when she cried so much. I wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. She is quite a whirlwind, but so full of life that we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She is a most precious gift.

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Rebecca said...

You're awesome Trinity. I love your cute smile and tight hugs. I love that you are 3. You truly are a precious gift to your mom and dad.