Thursday, September 20, 2007

I wash them in hot, but they don't shrink!

Whenever I clear out the laundry from the dryer the smallest fry climbs in. Here I have a couple of cuties in there. They look like they are just emerging from a lunar module or something.

I wish washing them in "hot" would keep them from growing up too soon. Alas time flies by so quickly. Carmon is right. She has been posting about making memories with your children. They sure don't stay little long.

I am made thoughtful by friends that just had their son get married and leave their house. He is a great young man. I want to be like them when it comes to our children leaving the nest. They are very excited for him and his wife. They feel a big hole in their home that only he could fill. It is bittersweet. So many people can't wait for their children to get out so they can live life. Why aren't we living life with our children? How else will they learn to live it? If we are doing so many things that are not child-friendly, why are we doing them? I don't think our whole world should revolve around our children. R.C. Sproul Jr. points out that the Bible does teach "date night." (That was a joke:) It brings up questions though. Why did we have children if we don't want them around? Seriously, little dogs can be loving and demanding. You can also put them in a kennel and go on a trip. You can leave them home all day and they are still happy to see you. I guess that is why so many in our culture are leaning towards dogs instead of children. I know the number of children I have is demanding. I am pushed to my limits most times. It forces me to be less selfish and more prayerful. I would miss so much if I didn't have them. Oh how worthwhile they are. Granted dogs will not grow up and be in a twelve stelp program blaming their parents for everything wrong in their lives. They also will not grow up to be part of a treasured legacy.

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