Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boys, bugs and things.

I have been reading Where the Red Fern Grows to the boys. We are almost on the last chapter. They also like to listen to stories as they go to sleep. It is hard to find books that have heros boys can look up to or identify with. It is also hard to find books I would WANT them to identify with the main character:) So I looked up our local library for some new reading/listening material. I am so glad that I looked up the classics for all ages first. There was some really good stuff to choose from. Authors like Robert Louis Stevenson and Mark Twain. I requested quite of few books and audio books. I then looked up the top children's book list from 2005. Yeesh, nothing looked remotely decent. I didn't even want to waste my time "previewing" such stuff. Well, C.S. Lewis held that if we are to be well read that 2 out of 3 books we read should be from a different century than ours. That makes it easy because Lewis wrote some great things and he wrote in the last century:) I find that I enjoy the classics myself. Some authors are just too morose for me. I know they are very good writers and my children will have to read some of their works in high school (ugh, which means I will have to read them again). They might actually like them.

Today is the Fireball's birthday. I will take pictures tonight and post pictures tomorrow or Monday about her. We have some fun things planned for her so we need to go get on them.

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