Monday, October 08, 2007

Double-digit Birthday Boy.

Our BusyBeeBoy has finally seen double digits! Our boy chose Grandma's Special Chicken, French Fries, Coleslaw and Homegrown Corn on the Cob for his birthday dinner. He received a machete, military helmet and a new camouflage jacket from the family. Oma made him an astronaut outfit. Pretty cool!

He wanted to go shooting for his special treat. The "Golden Adonis", a.k.a. Mr. Steve, is a friend of ours that has his own clay launcher. He graciously brought it out to another friend's property and the we got to shoot clays. Our birthday boy shot quite a few clays with my 410 shotgun. Everyone was really impressed. I don't know how many he shot, but it was definately more than his mama's two:) We all had fun. We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives. May God make his next ten years wonderful.

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