Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How do you spell LOVE to a man?


If you are a woman, like me, that probably sounds weird to you. My husband and I were privileged to go to a Love and Respect Conference last July. It was great. So much so that MY HUSBAND bought the videos and small group books. We are going through it again with some dear friends of ours. We would also like to some how touch more people at church with it (our group is discussing how God would have that to look). I am trying to learn to speak the language of respect. It isn't my native tongue. I figure if I can work on Greek and learn essential phrases in Russian then I can do something in Respect.

With that in mind, I get excited when I run across more on how to speak to my man in particular and then men in general. It changes how I mother my sons and my daughters. I pray every night over my small girls (daddy usually prays with the older ones:). I pray almost every night that God would help them become Godly women and that their mother would become a good example to them. I pray that as I learn to speak and act respectfully to my husband that my daughters would pick the language up far better than I ever could. Children tend to pick languages up easier than adults. My husband gets Family Life Today podcasts. Yesterday's was with an authoress that wrote about this subject. The show was an incredible little tidbit. I am wanting to burn it to CD to give away at church. I am also going to try to link it here Hopefully, that worked.

When I was going back to try to link that show I saw that there are 5 whole days on this subject. Maybe I will wait until Friday to burn them all to CD. I think that might be a great Mother's Day gift at church. I would also like to get that book For Women Only. They even have it on audio CD for those that would rather listen than read.

Anyone else interested in taking language lessons with me?

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Michele said...

Thanks for linking to that interview, Kendra! I'll have to listen to that. This is definitely something that has been part of my ongoing thoughts as well. :)
Michele :)