Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Admissions of a Recovering Perfectionist

I was awarded an "E" for having an excellent blog by a very sweet lady. She wrote a very nice blurb about me on her blog. It made me think about my life. I really think I appear better in print when I can modify what I share and even make my blatant sin have a funny twist.

There are days when I think I have it all together. I have cleaned the house, fixed a great dinner, and wonderfully educated my children. Unfortunately, the truth is that the more children I have and the older I get those days are fewer and much farther apart. Maybe I should say fortunately because it does drive me to my knees. If I only had, say, two children I would probably be one of those annoying individuals that think they have it all together and give advice to everyone. Maybe not considering the disposition of the eldest. He is enough to take all the parenting techniques I knew would produce perfect children and send them up in flames.

I have a list of "bad mom" moments that I wouldn't share on the blog. I don't want them to be in permanent print. It is enough that they pop up every now and then in conversation with the children. Like, "Mom, do you remember when we had to go to the doctor for ipecac when T.... drank all the Tylenol?" I will never live those moments down so why torture myself? They do come in hand, though, when another mom feels down. Then I can assure her that if my children have lived then hers will too. I will offer her a listening ear over tea and hopefully make her feel like a great mom.

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