Sunday, January 13, 2008

I AM married to Mr. Incredible

Since we have a two and a half week old baby the Ole Daddy Rabbit did our once a month shopping yesterday. I made a list out. I tried to make it in order that the items are found in the stores. He successfully got everything on the list. He didn't make it home by one o'clock, but he made it home for dinner. He took our oldest daughter and they seemed to have a good time together:) I love that our girls are so loved by their daddy. When they got home everyone pitched in and we got all the groceries put away. Yesterday was just one example of how the Ole Daddy Rabbit has been incredible by leading and loving his family in the past couple of weeks.

Mr. Heath, you are my favorite husband and I am blessed that I am married to you. Don't give up! I know God is using you!


MamaK said...

I'm glad he's your favorite husband!

Way to go, Mr. H!


MamaK said...


I simply cannot vote in your poll. I would have to choose two (neosporin/bandaids and tylenol/ibuprofen), and cannot live without any of those in my medicine cabinet.

Actually, I could (and often do!) live without band-aids...but not the rest of it!

Heath Clan said...

Dear Karen,
You should be able to mark more than one entry. So you can actually vote!

Rebecca said...

Great job, Mr. Incredible. Way to take care of my friend!!!