Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A child not a choice.

I don't think I will ever forget our first ultrasound. I know I will never forget the first one I had with our third daughter. As the wand went over my abdomen we saw an image of two perfect little feet pressed against the wall of my womb. I was eleven weeks pregnant and yet here was a perfectly formed person residing inside. What a blessing!

Thirty-five years ago Roe vs. Wade paved the way to where we are today. Those precious individuals are now only a woman's choice. If she happens to "want" that child there are no ends of the ways to pamper the pregnant woman. You can form your own pregnancy calendars on the web. You can be part of yoga classes designed especially for expecting moms. The list goes on and on. Unfortuntely, if the woman doesn't "want" that child he or she becomes an it that is easily disposed of. The range of options is equally as wide as the pampering options. A woman can take RU-486in the privacy of her own home to "terminating her pregnancy" all the way to right before her due date.

Yes, we have come a long way baby! In a hideous direction that robs women of their true God-given womanhood as well as dehumanizes those wonderful children. When I read the absolutely disgusting way human beings, made in the image of God, were treated under the slave trade and then how people are treated under the enslavement of abortion I can't help but see the links.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a woman got pregnant under horrible circumstances and she was surrounded by incredibly strong, loving people that encouraged her to embrace her true feminine power and bring forth life? Instead of having people just tell her to get rid of that unwanted piece of flesh. Then turning their backs on her when she is stupid enough to ruin her life by keeping that little leech.

Children are a blessing. I am convicted to remember that pro-life doesn't stop with being anti-abortion. It is a way of life. The children in my womb are as precious as are the ones that old enough to help around the house. I have a couple of children that weren't conceived and born necessarily convenient for me. I couldn't dream of not having those children. I look at their sweet faces, their beautiful hands and sweet little feet and feel like weeping that I was so blessed with them. My heart breaks for those women that have bought the lie and the only thing their womb has held is death. On this anniversary (I am posting a day late) of Roe v. Wade I remember and encourage other pro-lifers to continue to pray and fight for the unborn. William Wilberforce did not give up fighting against the horrors of the slave trade and was one day triumphant. May God see fit to raise up such a leader to fight for the unborn and end the travesty. May we never grow weary of fighting for life.

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