Friday, November 30, 2007

We will see...

I am still having trouble loading pictures from our camera to anything useful for me. The Ole Daddy Rabbit has gotten it to work. I need to sit down with him and have him show me some things.

This is our little bug baby. She to a glow worm for Christmas last year. It became her lovey toy. It even made it into our friends' wedding pictures! Over the garage sale months we picked up another one. We some how ended up with three. Then we lost one shopping. Now we have two again. She calls them "buggies." She sleeps with both of them. I actually got a good picture of all of them to upload on the web:)

We are getting ready for Christmas. We are going to make our craft projects this Sat. Then we should be about ready for Christmas. That is a good thing because some day soon we SHOULD have a baby. They never check with your schedule though. I remember being sooooo excited with our first born. I had everything washed and stacked and all three weeks before his due date. When that came and went I had to rewash everything and put it back away. Still we need to be prepared.

We now have new glass in our woodstove. I broke it yesterday. We have snow so number two son and I raced to town to get it replaced. We are so thankful for the good weather and Oma's wonderful babysitting.

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Rebecca said...

"Buggies" and "Bun Bun"...what would we do without them? Thanks for the Christmas decorations...thanks for thinking of us. They are wonderful. I love the picture...she's just a darling...well, as long as she'll leave Larah alone. Keep up the blogging...I've been missing your posts.