Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And I saw her face...

There are so many wonderful things that come with technology. One is the beauty of ultrasound. Our wonderful midwife, Laura, has an ultrasound machine at her office. We get to take a peak at the amazing work going on in my womb every month or so. With five weeks left until our due date there is quite a bit of clarity. We got to see our precious one's little face yesterday. It makes the backaches and the physical discomforts so worth it. After our appointment last night the Ole Daddy Rabbit and I got to go out to eat all by our lonesomes! The beauty of having an easily-bribable babysitter nearby! The Country Cousin has an all-you-can-eat buffet of ribs, fried chicken and the trimmings. Unfortunately, all I can eat is one serving, but it is good stuff.

Another wonderful blessing is having children getting big enough to really be helpful. The older ones rotate duties concerning the dining room. All the children have regular chores to do. I am starting to drag with the last month of pregnancy. This morning my boys started a fire and got the house warm. The oldest daughter made hot chocolate for everyone. I eventually got up to a warm house and minimal breakfast duty. It was such a blessing. It is also a big blessing to have a peaceful, joyous home. It has not always been thus. I have learned that happily ever after is a myth. With diligent commitment, prayer and the Lord's Grace peace that passes all understanding is attainable. I will take that any day over living in Neverland (because Neverland is always a promise of tomorrow and tomorrow never gets here).


Rebecca said...

How very cool that you and Brian were able to see your baby. I can't wait for this bundle of joy to enter our lives. I can't wait to hold TT.

MamaK said...

YAY! I can't wait to hear of her arrival. My midwife has a U/S machine, too, and I feel so spoiled.

Have you decided on a name? Are you going to share it? (Did we ever send you the list the kids came up with?!)


Heath Clan said...

Yes, we have a name and it is NOT Tebecca Tendra as some are pulling for. I still would love to see the list the children came up with.
I am trying to put together a birth announcement with some neat things about our children's names. I am going to try to write it out and then all I have to do is put on the measurements and arrival time.