Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Place Where Hope is Young

There's tarnish on the golden rule
And I wanna jump from this ship of fools
Show me a place where hope is young
And a people who aren't afraid to love

This world has nothing for me and this world has everything
All that I could want and nothing that I need

This world is making me drunk on the spirits of fear.
So when he says who will go, I am nowhere near.

And the least of these look like criminals to me
So I leave Christ on the street

This world has held my hand and has led me into intolerance
But now I'm waking up, but now I'm breaking up
But now I'm making up for lost time
----Caedmon's Call

Often times the lyrics from a Caedmon's Call song encapsulates where I am in my walk with the Lord. I feel as if I have returned to the garden where I used to walk with the Lord. There has been fear and pain and learning. As I walk I see the overgrown patches. I see the places where the walkway has been crumbled by plants growing up through it. There are many repairs to be made. Yet I touch those places and it is like the years fly away. Here I am again where hope is young and among a people not afraid to love. Together with the Lord we will make a garden that folks can come and sit and have their souls drink in healing and peace.

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