Monday, October 05, 2009

A new addition

It has finally happened! We have a new addition to the family. Besides the occasional fish none of our children have ever had a pet of their very own. Since our oldest boy turned 12 yesterday (and we also felt he showed enough responsibility), he became the proud owner of a guinea pig. It is a medium-sized one of the English breed. It is predominantly white with some tan patches. Hence the name "Patch." We looked up some care information on The Pig. We found out that they were native to South America. The Incan Indians domesticated them...for food and for sacrifices to their gods. Niiiice! The Europeans found that they made good test specimens and started using them in labs in the 18th century. Now you know why we have that particular idiom. They are also known as cavies, a derivitive of their scientific name. I had heard that they received the name guinea pig because they started to be a popular pet and could be attained (at the time) for an English guinea. This particular cavy or guinea pig looks like he will fare better than his ancestors. He doesn't look particulary appetizing, to be quite frank. He is a friendly little guy and both parties seem very pleased with each other.

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