Wednesday, August 30, 2006

September Flurries

It actually starts tomorrow...
The birthday flurry of the Heath household. My sister-in-law will kick it off and it will end with a birthday leaking over into October. Does it count if his due date was September? The oldest three girls' birthdays are all in September. The big daddy-O has the dubious honor of turning forty on the 11th. We have a couple of nephews and one dear friend's son also in September. Our oldest son is the one that slid into October.

We do try to make each child's birthday a special treat. We have stolen some ideas from the Friedrichs, who have more children than we do at this point. So instead of big parties or expensive trips to Chuck E. Cheese's we do some personal things for them. I think that through out the years those are the things that they will remember. I plan on taking some pictures and posting the birthdays as they happen. Hopefully, I will make up for my lack of blogging this month.

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