Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Reality of God

This post is for all my loyal fans. Okay, Rebecca, I know you'll read it :)

We have entered a new sermon series at church. It is called Grassroots Transcendence ( I mention this because it is our pastor's first attempt at a real title, something other than an 18 Week Study on Discipleship, and he put a lot of thought into. I also think he hit paydirt when it comes to conciceness and poetical beauty). It is a study of the book of Hebrews. It is really nice to sit in church and get some good teaching. What is not nice is how the reality of God and His Word tend to burst in on my nice, neat life and change things....

The truth is I haven't HAD to trust God on a real level for years. I've been on missions. I have seen healing and amazing things. I was once in Europe, flat broke and a plane ticket for two weeks in the future. Yet God proved Himself trustworthy. We moved here to Washington and we lived on next to nothing. I remember having 7 dollars to our name and on and on...

Then my husband got a job at our local mill. At the time we had two small children. We got paid every two weeks, had medical insurance, and even paid vacation! It isn't hard to "trust" God for provision when you have that kind of cushion. It is hard to need God in decadent, soft America.

God is bringing us back to that place of trust. It really is where we want to be in our heart of hearts. The path is so much more fun and adventuresome when you take off after the Lord. Yet I find my heart quivering, wondering IF I really heard Him. I feel like that picture above: An artist painted that on a street. It may LOOK like a lava pit over a huge ocean, but it truly is solid asphalt underneath. God has proved over and over again that He really is there; the solid road beneath what I perceive to be a huge drop with a sudden stop.

So all I have to do is jump, right?

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