Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remember our Brothers and Sisters

Today our family attended a church service. There is growing disgust in the media and in some camps here in our country towards fundamental christians. Still I got up, got everyone ready to go, got myself ready to go and our family toodled down the two miles to our place of worship in our family vehicle. Yes, I have seven children under the age of twelve to get going (we won't mention TODR:). That can have its own challenges that might seem daunting and somedays it is that way for me. When things are put in perspective, however, I am lead to appreciate what I have for whatever amount of time I have it.

World wide we have christian brothers and sisters that face incredible challenges in order to meet together with other believers. They face long hard walks. They face the chance of being arrested and tortured like this man. Many face physical attacks personally or to their family. Many have risked their lives or have been martyred because they choose their christian family over old tribal feuds. The list goes on and on.

I am at the point that if I hear one more lazy christian quote the verse about where two or three are gathered in my name in order to make the point that they do not have to go to church...I am seriously tempted to lay hands on know three ways: hard, fast and continuously. Now I truly understand that is a waste of time and effort in a fruitless way.

Instead I sit here and write. May we all honor our brothers and sisters in Christ that long to meet together with fellow believers as we have the freedom to do. It honors them if we meet together and then remember to pray for them. Let us lift them up before the Lord and let us do it together. Can you imagine one of these dear saints asking you why you didn't go to church? I can and some of my answers are shameful.

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