Friday, March 14, 2008

Pleased With Myself

I was the happy recipient of some Amish Friendship Bread a little while ago. It made me wonder about some things. Things like how Amish is it really? Why do they call it bread? It is more like cake. Why the "friendship" after distributing it to my small circle of friends, who else can I pawn the stuff off on without losing their friendship?

Our particular starter came from a good friend that asked me if I would want some before bringing it over. It makes some really good cake-like stuff. This particular one also makes four new starters every ten days. So every ten days I need to find another three friends to give it to. Unfortunately, my mom can't have wheat products. She's out. The friend that gave me the starter already has her own. My sister-in-law isn't really into cooking. All that and I would have to think of three new people every ten days. I also have this horrible problem of not being able to throw out food or potential food. I am such a cheapskate. What was I to do?

Well, I did go ahead and throw out the extra three. It was a challenge, but I did it without too much remorse. Then when I made the new friendship bread I quartered what I was to add to the starter. Then I only put 1/4 of a cup of new starter in one bag. Then on day 5 or what ever day I am supposed to add more stuff I add 1/4 of what is called for. Today I made a thing of my Amish Friendship Bread and I have one starter! I can keep making bread every ten days. I don't have to stress out about to whom I need to pawn this stuff off on either! I am very pleased with myself. I am also going to enjoy a nice, warm piece of bread.

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Karen said...

Oh. Yum.