Friday, August 17, 2007


We have been hither and thither and now we are home again (jiggety, jig).

The best news is that 6 weeks today the Ole Daddy Rabbit kicked the chew habit. So very awesome. He does seem to be eating a bit more recently. I wonder if the two things are related. HMMMMMMM? He is still more handsome than on the day I married him and he was pretty fine that day!

We were blessed with being able to attend a Love and Respect conference the last weekend in July. We received great teaching (good enough that the Ole Daddy Rabbit bought the series to share with our church too). We got to know new friends. We also got to make friends out of computer acquintances. The Engstroms put on the conference and made us very welcome. We knew they had to be great people because they like John Piper:) Unfortunately the head of their house was called away to work so we didn't get the pleasure of his company. Our kids played with their kids and had a wonderful time. We came home feeling very blessed by the Lord.

We turned around and went camping at the beach. The kids had a blast. I am finally able to clean the lint trap on my dryer without sand flying everywhere. I am beginning to think that I am not a camping person. I think I am with my mom and roughing it is slow room service. I think I will send the kids and such, but I think I am going to stay home close to indoor plumbing. We also got to implement some our Love and Respect stuff. Always good to practice.

We had a great anniversary. Twelve years on the twelfth. He got me a wedding ring that fits (six and a half kids later the old one was pretty tight). He also took me out to Applebee's. I wrote him a letter that I read to him in church. It was great-we were both embarrassed:) He got an air compressor from me. We then got a new computer for us. Wow! We are not usually big time spenders and shoppers like that. I feel so overwhelmed with new stuff. Oh and I bought some new curtains for the dining room. With the center piece decorations that I made and the beautiful, hand-quilted wall hanging my mom made our dining room looks pretty cheerful and classy (at least I think so).

Next week we need to start looking at school stuff so I am familiar with the new material. We also need to start getting on a good schedule. We seem to do so much better with a schedule.

There I think I am caught up.

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