Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Following the trail of smoke...

Our good friend, Steve, once said that if we wanted to know where Fireball was then just follow the trail of smoke. That is what happened today. Days like today makes one wonder how many times you can call the Poison Control hotline without being reported to CPS. In a quick amount of time our Fireball got a hold of her daddy's gun-cleaning kit. I found it strewn all over our bed along with the silica gel packet from it. The nice poison control lady said that the beads are not poisonous, it is like eating sand. So if she did ingest any she will be all right. We cleaned it all up and our bedroom door now has one of those nifty safety locks on the doorknob. You know...the kind adults even have problems opening.

As if that wasn't enough...
I called to check about soccer camp for our oldest daughter. While I was on the phone for maybe five minutes Fireball struck again. She came running in the kitchen and I couldn't figure out why she was wet. When I entered the bathroom, I found out. She had gotten her brother's canteen and shoved it underneath the faucet in the sink. She probably couldn't get it off. After it filled to the brim it then made a huge geyser, shooting water all over the walls and the floor. It only took every dry towel in the house to clean up.

I am in need of some time off and some chocolate, I tell you!

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