Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baseball pictures.

Our Fireball enjoying a hotdog after the game.

Here is the SamBoy up to bat.

Here is the BusyBee on first base!

The best looking umpire we have.

This is BusyBee or as much as you can see through the chain link.

Here is our little Firecracker helping keep the baseballs in the bucket. You have to watch them or jump out, you know.

We had friends and family show up to cheer our boys on. We had a lot of fun and the boys all played well. We didn't win, but that is okay. We like winning just like anyone else. We think playing your best and learning sportsmanship is the point though. The Ole Daddy Rabbit got talked into umping again. I am sure he got picked on account of his looks.

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