Saturday, April 28, 2007

Morning Glories.

We planted Morning Glories on Tues. or Wed. I know I bought the Jiffy-pellets on Mon. The seedlings are already sprouting, as you can see for yourself. Truly amazing! We numbered each one. I mixed four different seed packets together. Then the children each got a grid sheet. They got to guess what colors will come up in each of the 63 little pots we planted. I plan to plant them along the fence so we have some beauties climbing the fence.

We have had a little gardening incident so far. We planted two cauliflower and one broccoli plant out in a little spot in the yard. We also have a rabbit that is appropriately named Peter. He ate them! I had hoped the deer would leave them alone and they did. It was Peter Rabbit neatly clipping them down to the nubbins. I have one broccoli plant up in a planter that should be safe. Ah well. The deer seem to think that our strawberry plants and roses are here simply for their luncheon delights. Last year I shot a couple with the BB gun while they were sampling my blueberries. They were cheeky enough to return though. It is the price we pay for living in such a beautiful place, I guess.

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