Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why Not?

I know it has been a while since I blogged. I have several reasons why. One is that I am having techinical difficulty with my digital camera uploads. Since I am not necessarily a techno-savvy person that is a big mountain to scale for me. I really haven't had the time to try lately.

We also established this weblog to be fun and show off our family pictures. We have gone through a series of hard providences. We have come out on the other side a little more patient and thoughtful (I think, I hope anyway). These things always serve to remind us that we are not as big or tough as we think we are. We really do need to hang onto Jesus. When it comes down to it, He is all we have. We really are thankful for our church family that has been Jesus with skin on for us.

We are hoping and praying that this year will be one to blog happy things about:) It has started already:
My good friend, Valerie BBG, had a beautiful baby boy. You can look here to see for yourself.
We also got a new niece on Dec. 21! She caused much excitement for her parents, her aunt, uncle and cousins. Most of all for her big brother. He is quite enamoured with her. We know he is going to take good care of her.

We also got my mom for Christmas. Not just for a visit, but to stay! She has a nice, little place just down the street from us. She has decided to call it Providence, which is a very fitting name for the house. It is a good reminder and testimony of God's goodness even in hard circumstances.

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