Friday, September 29, 2006

I love a contest.

I do love contests. I like playing games and having fun. I am honest enough to admit that I like winning, but I also enjoy playing too. So here is a contest definately worth entering at the In A Shoe website
This contest is quite a challenge for me on several fronts. I had to learn a couple of new computer skills. One was learning how to insert a link in my post. The information was graciously provided on Karen's website. Then if you link to the contest you can actually enter for a second contest for another worthwhile prize. I hope my friend Valerie(BBG) is proud of me.

The contest has a prize from Vision Forum for $700.00 worth of products. That is for the family that guesses the number of items in the new Vision Forum catalog that is coming out. There will also be a drawing for 2 $50.00 gift certifcates from VF as well. Nice prizes and lots of fun. If you click on the In A Shoe link and then follow the directions you too can enter.

Fun, fun, fun for everyone.

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Valerie BBG said...

I am proud of you! :-)